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Get your badges online now for PAX Australia 2016. For general registration questions, email us at

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Interested in exhibiting at PAX Australia 2016? Contact our sales team for info on booth space and sponsorships.

Exhibitor Contact

Are you part of a commercial media organization and would like to attend PAX Australia so you can produce multiple pieces of content covering the event? Qualified journalists may submit a request to receive a free media badge for PAX Aus 2016!

The requirements for media registration have been expanded. Pay close attention before completing step one or two of media registration.

Additional Requirements:

No photographers or videographers will be granted media passes.


Links provided in step one must introduce the reporter/broadcaster applying for the media pass within the first 30 seconds.

YouTube and Twitch Channels:

New this year: the Content Creator badge, provides the same benefits as a media badge but identifies you as operating a YouTube or Twitch channel.  These badges will only be granted to individuals who regularly produce content.

Working journalists who wish to register for a media badge must first submit a media badge request. In order to be eligible for a pass you must:

1.  Submit your request through our Media Registration Form.

2.  Send the following materials via email with the subject line PAX Aus [insert your outlet/channel name]:

• Letter on Company Letterhead from Editor

• A photo of your business card

• Photo of a driver’s license or other government id

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at

Please note: 

• Meeting all the requirements for media registration does not guarantee you a media badge.

• Final approval for any applicant remains the province of PAX Australia.  

• If you or someone you assign to cover PAX Aus 2016 does not produce content in a timely manner after being granted a media badge, the journalist assigned and/or your outlet/channel may no longer be eligible for media badges to future PAX events.

• The contact information you submit in step one must be your regular business email and a phone line that connects directly to you, not another organization or person.

• By submitting the media registration form, you agree that your information will be provided to exhibitors at PAX Aus and many of them may contact you before the event to invite you to check out their games, services or products.

• You will be required to cover the events by producing content for your own specific outlet/channel.  A vlog at the end of each day of the event, filming a fan meetup or interviews with other YouTubers or Twitch streamers may not suffice. 
•  If you are approved for a media badge and can no longer attend the event, please email us so we can pull your badge.  Otherwise we will assume you attended and did not produce content, making you ineligible for media badges at future PAX events.